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intranet strategy

How to Develop an Intranet Strategy

Developing an intranet strategy is key to ensuring a successful intranet. Rob Colwill, ElevatePoint CEO, provides some pointers.

get your intranet ready for summer

3 Questions to Determine If Your Intranet Is Ready for Summer

Maybe your intranet will never be ready for a summer bikini, but you can prepare it for the time when more employees will be on vacation, more hurricanes and fires hit, and when people want to work away from the office.

denver colorado intranet

Colorado Technology

Denver, Colorado is known for the Rockies, great hikes, fantastic skiing, and innovative software. Learn more.

intranet ux

3 Ways to Boost Your Intranet’s UX

User experience (UX) is typically an afterthought for intranets. (And that’s a shame.) But there are ways to start thinking about UX. Read on.

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