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remote worker
Digital Workplace

How to Work Remotely

Working remotely is hard for some people. We have ideas to make it easier.

leverage technology to improve employee engagement

2020 Intranet Trends

Every year, we call out the features and goals intranets are trying to meet.

discussion forums for internal communications and intranets

Using Discussion Forums – Guidelines and Ideas

Discussion forums are a great way to have two-way conversations online, including on your intranet. ElevatePoint has ideas and guidelines you can introduce for your discussion forums.

employee experience is critical in this labor market
Employee Engagement

Employee Experience in 2020

There’s been customer experience (CX) and strides there. There’s also been user experience (UX). Now, we think there should be a focus on employee experience (EX). It’ll reduce costs and improve employee engagement.

intranet roi and intranet costs

Intranet Costs and ROI

Most communications teams want to know return on investment (ROI) for their department and the tools they use. We make that easier to understand, comparing intranets to other tools.

communications professionals find value in SharePoint intranets -- learn more

5 Ways to Improve Intranet Content

One of the biggest ways to ensure your intranet is being used is to improve your intranet content. ElevatePoint makes that easier.

healthcare intranet and health systems using intranets

Health Care Intranets: Reduce Waste

Reducing waste is paramount at health systems, clinics, and hospitals. That’s why an intranet is essential. It reduces waste while improving patient care and safety.

intranet management ideas

5 Intranet Management Tips

Managing your intranet is essential to ensuring employees use it. ElevatePoint has ideas to help.

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