Intranet Trends

intranet trends for intranet platforms

Get five intranet trends are what you should expect when looking at new intranets. Read on to see what ElevatePoint thinks and how they can benefits for your organization.

5 HR Intranet Ideas

hr intranet ideas

HR is either responsible for your intranet or a major stakeholder of your intranet. That’s why we have 5 top HR intranet ideas.

HR Heroes Need an AI-Driven Chatbot

chatbots driven by ai are hr heroes

HR employees are the heroes for their organization. But they need a hero to help with strategic initiatives and priorities. Our AI-driven intranet chatbot does just that.

Why Manufacturing Should Go Mobile

manufacturing should go mobile

Smartphones have been around for many years. They’ve proven useful — as the data proves out. But the manufacturing industry has been slow to adopt.

Intranets Meet AI

mobile phones used to see intranet chatbots driven by AI

Wondering how your intranet can meet smart communication challenges of the future using artificial intelligence? Start with ElevatePoint.

New Year, New Intranet

new year, new intranet and july 4

It’s a new year and you need a new intranet. ElevatePoint is delighted to make that process easier and faster.

Happy Holidays!

rob colwill, elevatepoint ceo

From all of us here at ElevatePoint to all of you – Happy Holidays!