6 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

employee engagement suggestions

Keeping employees engaged is one a tough job, but necessary to reduce employee turnover. ElevatePoint has 6 ways to help HR and Internal Comms teams engage employees without adding salary.

Identify High Performing Employee

identify high performing employees

Communications is one of the key indicators for performance. Those employees who communicate more and better may be your leadership pipeline.

Community versus Comms Team

comms team versus the community

How to integrate technology-based communication capabilities as part of your core employee engagement and corporate communication strategy.

Regulated vs Open Communication

open communication is the way most people want to communicate

Open communications by now is adopted in most organizations. Learn more about the communication style based on your brand and culture.

Is IT a Champion or a Hurdle?

IT employee thinking about an intranet- a champion

In this blog we’ll offer some guidance on how to best engage your IT team to ensure effective execution on your corporate communication initiatives.