A SharePoint Intranet’s Social Side

sharepoint intranet

Employee engagement, productivity, quality, customer service and more count on employees being able to collaborate, communicate, and interact. Learn which tools SharePoint intranets can rely on.

Boost Your Intranet With Microsoft Flow

microsoft flow

Your digital workplace is complicated. Make it simpler with a SharePoint intranet that uses Microsoft Flow to increase automation. Get ideas and suggestions.

Microsoft Teams – Right for My Team?

microsoft teams - a way to share and collaborate without using slack

Microsoft Teams is about to integrate with Skype, and more organizations are moving to use this collaboration tool. See if it’s right for your organization.

Delve Into Your Intranet

microsoft delve can automate your intranet

Casey Rhodes is a SharePoint systems analyst at Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance — training, managing projects, and more. With his vast experience with content management systems, he has an idea about how to improve your SharePoint intranet.