Why Microsoft Is Leading Technology

microsoft is leading technology

Microsoft has tripled its stock since 2014. But they’ve done more than just help stockholders, employees have acted with integrity and maturity that Silicon Valley would do well to emulate.

Intranets Need Security

sharepoint intranets are secure

These days, security is getting more budget and for good reason. Cybercrime is up and the cost to organizations is a huge risk. That’s why ElevatePoint recommends communications professionals invite security to business requirements gathering and demos.

Top 9 IT Blogs

people using a mobile device to see an intranet

IT professionals look to IT blogs for information, ideas, and entertainment. Check out our top 9 IT blogs.

3 Things to Do About Cyber Security

cybersecurity ideas including for intranets

You don’t need to read far to see what’s happening in cybersecurity or the issues IT professionals, including CTOs, have to face. It’s why we’re seeing an increase in security budgets.