5 Can’t Fail Intranet Ideas

young woman using an intranet
When it comes to intranets, sometimes people need ideas on how improve them. No problem -- at ElevatePoint, we have five can't fail suggestions.

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Modern intranets balance productivity, communications strategy and employee engagement for your workforce. But is your intranet helping make your workforce as productive as you’d like? Are employees engaging with goals and each other on your intranet? Is your intranet fulfilling its purpose in your communications strategy? 

No?  Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

It’s why most communications professionals are attempting to improve their intranet. They know, revamped, modern intranets can improve productivity by up to about $4 million – enabling employees to achieve organizational goals such as increased revenue and decreased cost. 

If you’re one of those people considering an intranet revamp, we have a few ideas. 

1. Measure

According to Gatehouse, only 60% of communicators measure effectiveness – including on their intranet. Are you following how your intranet is performing? (See Ragan’s ideas.) At a minimum, you should know the answers to these questions:  

  • What’s your top performing content of all time? For the month? For the week? 
  • Who wrote that content? 
  • Why is it popular? 
  • Which employees are engaging with it and which haven’t? 

Regularly, you should review this information. Part of the analysis should be qualitative – why is it performing so well? Being able to read employees comments about that intranet news or intranet page is critical. But you should also conduct surveys and listen to employees to get more information. 

Revisit your communications tactics regularly as well as your intranet is only a piece of that communications puzzle. And this information should inform what you do on your intranet. 


2. Go mobile

Most organizations are embracing mobile and so is their workforce. Insight indicates most companies have plans to use more mobile and their employees are already using at least one mobile application.  

content strategy for intranetsDespite how valuable mobile is, many intranets aren’t mobile-friendly despite more people working from home (during work and after hours) and needing to communicate on-the-go. Or they don’t have the functionality needed to enable productivity, such as searching or collaborating on the go. 

If your intranet isn’t mobile, you should have a strategy to make it mobile, especially if you’re in an industry that has much of its workforce working on the go – such as healthcare, construction, mining and energy, distribution, and more. 

3. Spotlight and acknowledge employees on your intranet


To motivate employees, you need to reward them. But rewarding isn’t always about compensation. In fact, salaries come in after caring about employees and acknowledging them. It’s why caring about people is so important, including to your brand and culture.  

It’s also why motivating them through acknowledgment is critical. Globoforce conducted a survey where 89% of people are motivated by what they are doing right.  

ElevatePoint Intranet Platform has an area that includes spotlighting employees, including enabling them to give kudos to each other. In fact, it’s one of the most popular features. Not only do people love getting well-deserved kudos, but their friends and teammates enjoy seeing the congratulations. All this means you’ll see increased traffic, increased employee engagement, and happy employees. You’ll also continue to reinforce a culture of saying thanks. 

4. Enable employees to communicate online

Employees should have the opportunity to share information online with each other, with some structure around it. Investing in just a social network though – one not attached to an intranet – can be costly especially if the intranet is a separate solution. Instead, some organizations are saving money by enabling their intranet to enable sharing and collaborating. 

Why do companies want employees to share online? McKinsey indicates that if employees are connected with each other, they’re 20 – 25% more productive. Executives and leaders can use this as an opportunity to listen. By determining concerns and ideas employees feel more engaged, not just productive. 

5. Have the right people managing your intranet – Communications

microsoft teams - a way to share and collaborate without using slackPut together a governance plan with content authors who are responsible for managing your intranet. Communications professionals – in HR, Corporate Communications or Internal Communications departments – are well-poised to lead that effort. They understand how the intranet meets their communications strategy and how to use it as a communications vehicle. They also understand how to audit content – because the content should include more than just text.  

By gathering people together and setting guidelines for when content is reviewed and by whom, your intranet will be a more valuable place. 

These ideas will all increase engagement, improve productivity, and ensure good communications. Other side benefits? Better quality products, lower turnover, and meeting organizational goals – such as increased profit and lower operational costs.

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