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Get five intranet trends are what you should expect when looking at new intranets. Read on to see what ElevatePoint thinks and how they can benefits for your organization.

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Happy 2019! It’s another year and another time to look at intranet trends. Intranets in just one year have come a long way. We have four trends you should expect in your intranet.

1. Go mobile

Mobile responsive – flexing to meet every type of screen easily – is something you should expect from every single intranet option. Employees want to use their own devices — Apple or Android and smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop — when reviewing information. That goes for everything from your new HR policy or signing up to enroll in benefits to getting alerts about outages.

It’s all about convenience.  

If the intranet doesn’t respond to mobile, don’t purchase it.

2. Personalize and target employees

In the marketing world, things are already personalized — emails, ads, and even your external website.

So … why can’t you personalize your intranet even in 2019? Well, good news. You can! Your intranet should know who employees are, what they do, where they work, and what they need.  It should be serving up important resources and contacts relevant to them. ElevatePoint’s intranet enables menus and home pages to be customized for different audiences. And it’s as vast as your security protocols can handle. You can personalize for job titles, manager levels, departments, and more.

It’s all about productivity. Relevancy makes people more productive.

3. Use chatbots driven by AI

intranet servicesNo longer a pipedream, AI-driven chatbots are now in some intranets. The idea behind this innovative technology is to provide timely information without having to hunt or search for it. That’s right — goodbye search engines; hello chatbots. 

Chatbots can even be trained to use keywords to provide information and resources. ElevatePoint’s chatbot provides information and links whether you’re viewing an intranet page or using Microsoft Teams.

Let’s give you a real-world example. If you broke your crown late at night, instead of going to your intranet and trying to find your benefits information, you can quickly ask your chatbot about dental information. Good chatbots will provide answers — policies and your benefits plan — as well as a link for more information so you can schedule an appointment.  

4. Integrate with more of Microsoft’s products, such as Teams

Integration isn’t always important … unless it’s connected with a communication system, such as Microsoft Teams. Having integration there makes it easier to communicate and connect with employees. Microsoft Teams, if you haven’t heard of it, is Microsoft’s answer to Slack. It’s real-time and has channels to enable people in the same team, department, project, or interest to communicate.

ElevatePoint provides integration with chatbots to give you intranet information even when you’re in a Teams channel discussing your project. Again, here’s another real-world example of how it can be used.

Imagine you’re talking with your project team, but wonder if a project-specific communication that needs to go to all employees will interfere with other planned communications. Ask your chatbot about it. If you’re using ElevatePoint, it’ll provide an answer with a link to your communication calendar.

5. Use intranets that have innovation and productivity built-in

get more information about intranetsSharePoint already provides productivity, using core functionality — centralized repositories and document sharing that are easy to manage and audit. (It’s why quality managers, information managers, and security personnel love SharePoint!) But an intranet front-end provides an added benefit — a better user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). If you’re already using SharePoint, why not look into what it may cost to maximize your investment?

Some intranets also provide innovation and productivity tools, such as enabling employees to vote on ideas (saving money, increasing innovation, etc.). ElevatePoint, for example, has an intranet with an idea center that already has been saving companies money. Ochsner Health System has been using it to save money on healthcare costs while improving patient care.

In addition, there are intranets, such as ElevatePoint’s, also have social built in. Unlike Workplace by Facebook, where it handles just social, intranets can handle everything — from video connections (using Skype) to social to chatbots. In other words, you’re getting more from your money.

If you’ve waited for a while to get your intranet up and running or revamp it, you have new technology available. But hurry, some intranets that already have chatbots included are looking to monetize that. So hurry!

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