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Intranets that power your strategy

Communications, IT, HR, Information Managers, and Executives

They all love our intranets because ElevatePoint enables more employee engagement and communication, improved governance and compliance, as well as less IT sweat.

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Tech for IT

We make IT employees’ lives easier, so they can focus on other important items and less time updating intranets. Learn how we help IT

Modern intranets

At ElevatePoint, our intranets are mobile-friendly, personalized, easy to use, and fast to update. Search works. Navigation is intuitive. It’s everything your organization needs.

Discover a modern intranet

Good news!

We have a product that runs on SharePoint that makes planning, publishing, managing, and measuring news better and faster. Target employees, let them subscribe to channels they want, and keep them connected.

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“Working with ElevatePoint was a real pleasure. [Its employees] exceeded our initial goals and we would highly recommend ElevatePoint ….”

K. Wilson, Operation Mobilisation